Welcome to Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Shala is Sanskrit and means School. We are a Yoga School located in the Heart of Aarhus of 16 years, and we love our Shala. When we are not occupied teaching, you can meet us here in the hours mentioned here below. Pass by and we'll make you a cup of tee. We look forward meeting you.

Mon & Wed 4.30-4.55 pm og 6.30-6.45 pm

+45 5389 0032 (best Mon-Fri: 12 am -2.30 pm) - or feel free to send a text for a quick reply

Søren Frichs Vej 36 G, lok. 09, 8230 Åbyhøj


terms of payment


Payment is valid for one calendar month. Memberships can start on any day of the month and the price is then adjusted. Our payment system automatically tells you the correct price when you create the membership: You then pay monthly in advance of the first s day of each month. The subscription is automatically withdrawn from your account without any further action until you cancel your membership. Termination notice is always the current month plus one month. Not extended due to the holidays. It is taken into account in the price.

Class Passes

Is personal and limited to 3 years.

SHALA YOGA Teacher training DEPOSIT

The deposit marks a contract between the student and Ashtanga Yoga Shala. The school will reserve a place for you on the course and the student will say yes by paying the deposit to the allocated space. The deposit is not refundable.


Participation in the classes is at your own risk. Listen to the body and don't be tempted to push yourself too much. If you have any h injuries ask your doctor for advice and always inform your instructor before you start.


We take the protection of your information seriously

When you participate in FOF Aarhus, we process a number of information about you and your household. This includes name, address and information about your sign-ups.

FOF Aarhus has developed this privacy policy to show that:

  • We take the protection of your personal data seriously
  • We do not collect more information about you than necessary
  • We are open and transparent about how we process your information

You can read more here