Welcome to Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Shala is Sanskrit and means School. We are a Yoga School located in the Heart of Aarhus of 16 years, and we love our Shala. When we are not occupied teaching, you can meet us here in the hours mentioned here below. Pass by and we'll make you a cup of tee. We look forward meeting you.

Mon & Wed 4.30-4.55 pm og 6.30-6.45 pm

+45 5389 0032 (best Mon-Fri: 12 am -2.30 pm) - or feel free to send a text for a quick reply

Søren Frichs Vej 36 G, lok. 09, 8230 Åbyhøj




Miles Ratledge

Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Shala // 27 years of experience with yoga forms // Authorized Ashtanga yogainstructor, Mysore, Indien // ”Lead trainer” at Yoga Training

Started practicing yoga and meditation in India in 1990. When I moved to Denmark, I was introduced Iyengar Yoga, which I practiced regularly. I took many in-depth courses and have taken a 3 year training (certified in 2003). In 1996, I met Ashtanga Yoga, which was a huge experience as I saw in this yoga form a great potential, both physically and mentally. Since then, Ashtanga Yoga has been my way of life. I met the yoga master, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 2002 in London, and subsequently went to India for Ashtanga Yoga's source Mysore many times and obtained permission to teach(kypaji 2010). I was the first to...


Marie Hallager Andersen

Instructor // 19 years of experience with Yoga forms // Studied Authorized Level 2 teacher Joey Miles // Been teaching Mysore practice and workshops for 8 years

I began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 1999 in Aarhus to improve flexibility. I was immediately draw to it and the practiced accompanied me to Leeds, UK where I was based from 2002-2017. Here, I trained as a contemporary dancer and worked professionally as a choreographer and performer since 2005. The yoga practice was an essential compliment to my training and career and from 2009 to 2014 I was assistant to Authorised Level 2 teacher Joey Miles both in his Ashtanga classes and for Mysore practice...


Peter Coates

Instructor // 28 years of experience with yoga forms // Educated in Religious Studies and as an educator // Teacher of practical training and teaching technique on the yoga program

I started practicing yoga in Christchurch, New Zealand over 28 years ago. Here I was trained in the Iyengar yoga tradition. I met the now well known author and yoga teacher Donna Farhi, and helped write her first book The Breathing Book. After moving to Denmark in 1999, I met Miles, who introduced me to Ashtanga yoga. Through my training in various yoga traditions, I have developed my own practice that puts the student at the center. Throughout my time in Denmark, I have influenced many students to ...


Lousin Hartmann

Instructor // Many years of experience with yoga forms and dance // Educated Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours at Ashtanga Yoga Shala // Bachelor of Media Science, Aesthetics and Culture and Journalist from Aarhus University and Denmark's School of Journalism

Lousin Hartmann trained Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours at Ashtanga Yoga Shala in 2016. Lousin discovered yoga and meditation as young and has been practicing yoga ever since with breaks with room for dancing. Over time, she has been around several forms of yoga and meditation. For the past eight years, she has exclusively practiced Ashtanga Yoga. Lousin has been teaching since 2015, both young and adult, beginners and more experienced. After completing her training at Ashtanga Yoga Shala in 2016, she became permanently affiliated with Ashtanga Yoga Shala.


Laila Elisabeth Møller-Rasmussen

25+ years of yoga experience // Examinated yoga teacher from Danish Yoga Education // Cand. mag in History of Ideas and Social Studies from Aarhus University // Teaches Hathayoga and philosophy at the yoga education

I started practicing yoga more than 25 years ago. From the beginning I was fascinated by Scandinavian Yoga (the Danish branch of the Bihar School of Yoga). I love the meditative and philosophical approach to yoga, but also the idea that yoga is a practice that makes us better at living life and having a good time; to use ourselves optimally for the benefit of ourselves and others. In retrospect, I completed several educations and workshops; primarily...


Ditte Brandt Gadegaard

Instructor // 18 years of experience with ashtanga yoga // Has completed Yoga Instructor education at Lucy Crawford Scott // Taught Mysore practice and workshops in 5 years, the last three years at Ashtanga Sadhana Århus.

I came across ashtanga yoga by accident in 2002, but it was love at first sight - and since ashtanga yoga has been a solid and indispensable part of my life. It amazes me time and time again how yoga can always challenge me both physically and mentally. Yoga keeps me moving at the same time as it is a solid base which gives me peace, tranquility and a foothold in an otherwise often somewhat busy everyday life. My first teachers were Tanja Schøndorff and Miles Ratledge in Aarhus. From 2013 to 2020, I have been associated with Ashtanga Sadhana under the expert guidance of Rikke Olesen and Anne Scharling Rasmussen, and for the last three years I have taught mysore yoga there. In 2019, I completed teacher training with Lucy Crawford Scott, who is my primary teacher and source of inspiration.


Marika Rocca

Hatha Yoga instructor // from Italy // Travelled and practiced yoga i Australia, New Zealand, India and Argentina.

I was born and raised in Italy but in 2013, I began travelling around the world. My interest in yoga started in Australia, where an injury forced me to find a way to recover. This is when yoga started to tranform my life. Since then I have been on a journey experimenting different styles and practices of yoga. I was lucky enough to learn from several great teachers during my stay in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. During my first stay in India, I started to realize that yoga was more than a physical exercise. It started to change my vision and understanding of the world, it’s been a continuous growing and learning process on and off the mat, which has lead to a strong desire to share my experiences. In 2018 I decided to take my first official education in yoga...


Luna Sommer

Instructor // 15 years of yoga experience // Trained Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours at Ashtanga Yoga Shala // Training in Yoga against Stress // Cand. Mag in History of Ideas, Gender, Culture and Communication from Aarhus University // Certified Coach and Stress Coach // Psychiatric Counselor // NADA therapist.

Luna Sommer is a trained Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher (RYT 200) at Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Aarhus. In addition, she has a degree in yoga against stress, as well as a course in Yoga Nidra. Ashtanga Yoga has a very special place in Luna, and she enjoys passing it on to others. The significance of Yoga for Luna, she describes in the following way: “Personal is yoga, a gift for both body and mind. In yoga and meditation I find strength and calmness both physically and mentally. Yoga is for me an eternal travel, where the possibilities and depth are constantly expanding”. Luna is also psychiatric counselor, certified coach and stress coach. Here Yoga is included as an important tool to get balance in body and mind and to make contact with your innermost being and from there be able to work the way towards a life in well-being, balance and serenity.