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Adjustment Lab Aarhus


MAR 18.-19.TH 2022


FRI: 4.30-7.30 PM

SAT: 9.00 AM -4.00 PM





“Adjustments are a completely unique source of increased body awarenes…”

Instructors: Marie Hallager Andersen & Alan O’Leary

Physical adjustments can transform a yoga practice. But how do you adjust as a yoga teacher and how do you as a practicing yogi take part in an adjustment? Join these two hands-on and hands-on workshop days where we review some basic principles in how to adjust, but where you can also develop an existing practice in assisting your yoga students.

In this workshop we focus on the following:

  • Different types of adjustments and how they are used
  • Concrete tools for making ‘good’ adjustments
  • How to read a movement pattern and walk to a body with respect and attention

But we can not ignore the fact that at the same time there is a debate in society about when touch is inappropriate. How do we as yoga teachers and students navigate the work with the body in a world where we have to make sure that everyone feels welcome and we do not exceed boundaries? We put this question on the agenda in this workshop.

Content at the workshop

  • Basic technique in using weight and different parts of the body in an adjustment to create stability and ‘grounding’
  • Indications for when an adjustment is appropriate and reading of the body to be assisted
  • Communication both verbally and through touch
  • Different types of adjustments such as passive and active adjustments and ‘resistance’
  • Presentation and debate on the pros and cons of adjusting and an insight into issues related to touch and intimacy in the yoga world triggered by strong hierarchies
  • Possibility of ‘troubleshooting’ certain positions


Who can join

Yoga practitioners with a solid practice and curiosity to dive into the teacher / student relationship
Yoga teachers with a desire to increase self-awareness and professionalism in their way of adjusting.

What can you expect

You can expect a professional and in-depth workshop with time for dialogue about challenges and experiences that the participants may have. You will be guided by Marie and Alan who are both seasoned yoga teachers with many years of experience in making adjustments under the auspices of Mysore. With Marie’s education as a dancer and performer of somatic movement and Alan as an academic, our approach is practical and theoretical with reflection in an exploratory and curious atmosphere. With our different experiences, bodies and genders, we will show the participants how these differences can be used constructively and how we each adjust. We work humorously and look forward to an exciting and cheerful workshop.


We come from an Ashtanga Yoga background but it is not a prerequisite that you should know / teach this yoga form. It will be an advantage to be an executive / teacher in dynamic yoga positions. We speak Danish and English and the teaching will be in English with translation into Danish if necessary.

About us

Alan O’Leary is an Associate Professor of Film and Media in a Digital Context at Aarhus University. He works in practice research and makes video essays about film.

Alan has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for twenty years and trained as a teacher with Brian Cooper of Union Yoga. He has studied with many respected teachers, including Lino Miele, Hamish Hendry and for several years with Joey Miles. He visited Mysore in 2003 to study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute.

Alan believes that a practice should be for life and so that an individual’s practice has to evolve with age and as life circumstances change. He prefers to teach self-practice because it empowers the practitioner, ideally making them their own best teacher. He teaches with an attention to technical detail but with an equal attention to joy!

Marie Hallager Andersen is a trained dancer / choreographer and yoga teacher and has an interdisciplinary approach to her work where somatic movement is woven into yoga. In this way, her experiences with Skinner Releasing Teknik, Rolfing and Kontakt Improvisation are a major influence in her teaching. The exploratory work in creative contexts goes well with yoga. With an MA in Creative Practice from London and four years as a Master Teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Joey Miles in Leeds, she makes a living from her artistic-academic practice in film and dance and as a yoga teacher.

Marie is a certified Life Coach and facilitator of the feedback system Critical Response Process, which characterizes her way of communicating. These practices put active listening at the center and turn some often rigid hierarchies upside down about who knows best! So while Ashtanga Yoga is still her favorite style of teaching (and practice), she is not dogmatic: her teaching is based on the process of a yoga practice, rather than perfecting or mastering a position.

Alan and Marie are partners both in life and in yoga and have many workshops behind them. Most recently in the summer of 2021 where they taught together on a 300 hour Teacher Training superstructure at Kalaa Yoga Berlin.

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